Colour changers Pomtava 4003 and 4006

  • any number of colours
  • ink circulation option
  • single or dual channel
  • rinsing block
  • Reduction of so called dead zones to a minimum, which minimizes rinsing agent consumption during colour change
  • quick and efficient colour change
  • type 4003 in light version e.g. on a robot arm
Zmieniacz koloru Typ 4003
Konstrukcja zmieniacz kolory Typ 4003
Zmieniacz koloru Typ 4006
Konstrukcja zmieniacz kolory Typ 4003_2

Two-component mixing block

  • Precise mixing of two components e.g. paint and hardener
  • block rinsing function: rinsing agent and compressed air
  • Quick exchange of the static mixer
Mixer block PT-MIX